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B777 Non-rated Captains for Air China
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  • LAX base
  • Commutable
  • Great pay and benefits
Air China (Through Wasinc Intl.)

USD Up to $204,000 (net) Per Year

Flight Crew



Air China - the national flag carrier of China - has just announced an exclusive program to take current and qualified B737NG/B757/B767/B747-400 Captains and place them in direct entry Captain positions on the B777. Transition training to the B777 will be provided. A training bond is required.

Details of this program are as follows:


*Minimum requirements:

1000 hours PIC time on the relevent aircraft type
Total 6000 hours total time
Current within 12 months (must have a valid/current PC)
Valid ATP license, valid passport, Class A Medical
Must be from a country with diplomatic ties to China
No incidents or accidents, no license limitations
Maximum age: 55 years.
ICAO level 4 English certification

*Transition training program (for B777 Captains) includes:

*The training program will take about 2 months for Boeing Captains.

Pay Progression: (all amounts net)

* During training, the salary will be $4,000USD per month
* Once the transition training is completed (defined as getting the type rating endorsement on
the CAAC ATP) Pay will progress as follows:
a. During line training (PIC2), $15,000 per month
b. After line training is complete, and you are checked as a line Captain (PIC1): $16,500 per mo.

* Aircraft types accepted for transition: B737NG, B757/767, B747-400.
* A training bond is required: See below.

---85 hour minimum guarantee
---Plus: Overtime > 85 hours @ $233/hour
---Plus: Safety Bonus @ $6,000USD/per year for no incident/accident for > 880 flight hours
---Plus: Annual Overtime Bonus of $97/hour > 935 flight hours/year

*Initial contact term four (4) years with yearly renewals

NOTE: Air China will require a training bond for those who receive transition training on the B777. The exact amount of the training bond for the B777 is still under discussion. As an example, the total training bond for the A330 is $22,000. It must be paid in advance, and will be returned $5,500 per year at the end of each contract year (4x$5500=$22,000). As long as you complete the 4 year contract, there is no cost for the type rating. A similar plan will be in place for the B777.

---During line training - BJS
---When checked to the line, the operational base will be LAX or BJS.
---If you choose an alternative base on the Air China system, you will be able to jumpseat or
deadhead to/from BJS.

---Air China will schedule your trips as efficiently as possible to enable you to reach the 85 hour limit early in the month. While there are no exact amounts set, it is estimated that you should have at least 10 days off consecutively per month if you decide to commute.

Note: Although the line training portion of your training will be longer than a direct entry Captain, you will be flying as a fully qualified Captain.

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